This is what it’s all about!

The 2017 season sees our famous Prediction League take on its sixth year – and it promises to be more competitive than ever. We’ve even got flashy graphics!

Check out the latest standings below.


Over to you

Last year saw a record number of participants, and if you want to know how it is all unfolding during the course of the current season, simply listen and subscribe to The NR F1 Podcast.

And if you want to get involved in the league in 2017 – which promises to put even more strain on Michael’s algorithm than it could possibly cope with – all you need to do is submit your weekend grand prix predictions before the start of each FP1 via the usual channels.

The NR F1 Podcast Prediction League Roll of Honour

2016: 1 Steve Rust (2), 2 Michael Bailey, 3 Kyle Cumbers, 4 Kieran Cousins, 5 Richard Baxter, 6 Sam Todd, 7 Timmeh, 8 Perry Hamilton, 9 Johnny Parfitt, 10 Josh Rayman, 11 He Riejs, 12 David Tillyer.

2015: 1 Kyle Cumbers (2), 2 Michael Bailey, 3 Richard Baxter, 4 Sam Todd, 5 Steve Rust, 6 Johnny Parfitt, 7 Josh Rayman, 8 Unlucky Timmeh, 9 Perry Hamilton.

2014: 1 Steve Rust, 2 Michael Bailey, 3 Kyle Cumbers, 4 Richard Baxter, 5 Perry Hamilton, 6 Jon Luton, 7 Dave Tillyer, 8 Craig ‘Mav’ Parker, 9 Sam Todd.

2013: 1 Perry Hamilton, 2 Michael Bailey, 3 David Tillyer, 4 Kyle Cumbers, 5 Jack Phillips, 6 Jon Luton.

2012: 1 Kyle Cumbers, 2 David Tillyer, 3 Jon Luton, 4 Michael Bailey, 5 Perry Hamilton, 6 Ben Weaver, 7 Ben Mouncer.