Melbourne brought a legendary drive – and it wasn’t from Sebastian Vettel. But it did come about from another driver supposedly ‘bottling’ it in Australia.

All standard fare as the 2017 season-opening Formula 1 grand prix down under sparks the usual debate at The NR F1 Podcast.

Back with their first race review of the new season, F1 host Michael Bailey is joined by two-times Beccles kart champion Kyle Cumbers, motoring journalist David Tillyer and Damon Hill fanatic Richard Baxter, as they try to work out what Ferrari’s win really means for the F1 season ahead, where Lewis Hamilton’s tyre strategy should end up, who Daniel Ricciardo annoyed to get such a rough deal around Albert Park and just how rubbish McLaren really are.

The crew also delivers the first Of The Weekend Awards of the new season.

The British county of Norfolk is where the iconic success of Team Lotus was cultivated, where Ayrton Senna, Martin Brundle, Mark Webber and more honed their race craft – and home to The NR F1 Podcast.

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