Sweet lord, what have we just witnessed?! One of the grand prix greats is the answer. The pod had questioned the Baku circuit before this year’s race. They question it no more.

The same can be said of F1’s Walking Weapon too, as Lance Stroll took his Formula 1 reputation to a whole new level with his efforts in Azerbaijan.

Edition 177 of The NR F1 Podcast covers all that plus errant head rests, Sebastian Vettel’s road rage and Force India paying the ultimate price. It really was a race for the ages – and the crew manage to sum it up in under 45 minutes. That’s no mean feat in itself.


The British county of Norfolk is where the iconic success of Team Lotus was cultivated, where Ayrton Senna, Martin Brundle, Mark Webber and more honed their race craft – and home to The NR F1 Podcast.

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